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A seasoned technical leader with proven ability to grow teams, instill confidence, build relationships, and help push fledgling organisations to success, expansion, IPO and beyond.


I am a  former Systems Engineer turned Leader, with a passion for  education and technical minutiae; I enjoy experimenting with new things of every stripe to expand my knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of my own abilities.

I strive to be a quick learner, and both a competent leader and capable worker - I have built successful teams from the ground up, including teams in multiple geographies. I've traveled extensively and understand the importance of differing cultures and communication styles.

I keep a cool head, and a calm disposition. I believe that we all sweep the floor, and in letting go of the past, to make the most of the future.


VMware Tanzu - Senior IT Manager, Colleague Experience and Technology, Northern EMEA

Oct 2020 - Present

In December 2019, VMware acquired Pivotal Software for 2.7 Bn USD, and I was part of the team chosen to stay on to aid in the integration efforts. This has continued to form the basis of my day to day work, as well as picking up the EMEA-wide integration efforts for our other recently joined Business Units in the form of CarbonBlack and SaltStack amongst others.

Pivotal Software - Senior IT Manager, EMEA

Sep 2017 - Sep  2020

  • Negotiated enhanced global procurement and service agreements with our key hardware vendors, resulting in circa 30% savings YoY, while converting CapEx to OpEx for streamlined financial operations and end user experience.
  • Negotiated separate mobility plans and pricing for EMEA specific services, creating an overall model to provide telephony and data in a distinct service manner, separate from the BYOD model used in the Americas.
  • Engaged and consulted with external customers in Discovery and Framing, building interdisciplinary teams for Digital Transformation.
  • Enabled the business to win new contracts and work in EMEA on the back of a “seat at the table” from a technology and operations perspective, showing how we used our own methodologies and frameworks.
  • Supported Business Operations across EMEA for compliance and remediation in preparation for the eventual company IPO in April 2018.
  • Led a small skunkworks engineering team to develop and deploy fully automated deployment for user endpoints, initially across EMEA and then later deploying out to the East Coast / Central and finally, Canadian & West regions.
  • Worked with Global Facilities to perform end to end operational changes, opening and moving offices, refactoring AV solutions, event spaces, and aiding hiring process to support expansion of Workplace Operations into new markets.
  • Partnered with Senior HR Leadership and process owners in EMEA to streamline Strategically Aligned Businesses from former Federation companies to simplify onboarding and off-boarding for colleagues when joining or leaving any one of a number of internal BUs, providing the same High Touch process that all external New Hires would receive.
  • Led an initiative to replace Physical Security badging systems, building custom connectors allowing Pivotal to stand up Workday enabled provisioning and de-provisioning of access controls, badges, automated GSOC escalations, and video surveillance for the Flagship EMEA office, which was then later rolled into a global priority for our CISO and Directs.
  • Worked with other IT leaders to build and implement new IT Job Family specifications, enabling teams to progress with their development and aspirations.
  • Built an all-new recruiting process with HRBPs to enable a diverse, safe, and respectful team, encompassing non-typical hires, a process later rolled out and adopted by other regions.

Pivotal Software - EMEA IT Lead

Nov 2013 - Sep 2017

  • Responsible for the well being of our European and Middle Eastern operations within the remit of IT and Infrastructure with offices from London to Dubai, working in close partnership with the Dell EMC Technologies family and Federation companies.
  • Supported organizational expansion into EMEA, and directly involved in new office planning, expansion, and the execution of our business model, while reporting directly to our Business Directors and C Level staff.
  • Responsible for Project Management of our flagship EMEA office build from an IT, Infrastructure, and Systems perspective.
  • Lead a European Zero Touch Provisioning initiative for End User IT, and reduced operational costs across the region for new hires, with "just in time" hardware provisioning, and automated system activations. Migrated the region away from long lead time, static systems that relied on manual triggers, and took average new starter provisioning from six weeks to under a day.


Education / Certs

University of Kent

Biological Anthropology and Human Systems, BSc, Physical and Biological Anthropology

 2002 - 2005






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